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Drabble Offering

I've finally decided to come out of lurking with a drabble offering :)

Shinichi X Reira of course, set after the....hmm...oh dear, stating the situation would be a spoiler in itself for people following the anime....darnz. Definite spoilers up ahead, you have been warned ^^" Enjoy

Fandom : Nana
Title : Unchained Melody
Pairing : Shinichi X Reira
Rating : PG (angst up ahead and spoilers)
Word Count : 259
Disclaimers: Reira and Shin-chan are property of Ai Yazawa-sensei

Unchained Melody




  The rough fibers of the carpeting hurt her knees, scratching against the smooth skin. There are wet spots on her skirt and on the floor before her, and the tears just keep falling and falling and she thinks that she has never cried this hard before. But no matter how many drops fall, that ache in her chest continues. There is so, so much sorrow, because she has never loved anyone this hard before. She knows that she should get up, but her legs are numb from hours of kneeling and she is afraid that she will break this moment, because now the world is a bubble of her and this bottomless grief. When she wakes, she knows that he will be gone, and she cannot bring herself to face that.




  He wanders around outside, no destination in mind, no stop in sight, only knowing that he must be any place but that hotel room with the lingering traces of what-has-been. He starts to light a cigarette but his hand pauses on the golden surface of the lighter and it drops away. There is too much of her in that little trinket for him to bear and he will not think, he will not think, because when he does he pictures the little promises that they made where no one could see. She had not looked lonely then. He passes a street busker with a hat and a guitar playing Layla and he stops to listen, standing there for the longest time, wondering why his eyes are so dry.

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