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Concerning "Layla"

Anybody remember in Junko's Place when George explained about the song Layla? Well, my biggest fandom happens to be 60's/70's rock and while browsing one of my favorite sites I came across an image of Pattie Boyd and I put it next to a picture of Reira.

I thought it was interesting how much the two look alike and I wondered if Yazawa might have based Reira's appearance of off Pattie's 70's style.
Pattie Boyd was the wife of George Harrison of the Beatles and during the 70's Eric Clapton fell in love with her and wrote the song "Layla" about his unrequited love. Pattie latter left George and married Eric, although they divorced in 1989.
So, any thoughts on this? Do you think Yazawa might have had Pattie in mind while designing Reira?
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